Friday, July 6, 2007

Cool Gadget Stop Snoring Now

Stop snoring with the Snore Stopper
This useful small gadget should help you (or your wife/girl friend) getting a better sleep, it should help preventing snoring. Just put this Snore stopper gadget around your wrist and you will stop snoring.

The way it works (as I have read) when we snor, Snore stopper should recognises snoring through the noise generated and stimulates the nerves in your wrist. This consequently changes your sleeping position and you'll stop snoring. As the stimulations influence sub-consciousness, the Snore Stopper won't wake you, like other cures for snoring can, or cause any damage to your body.

The Snore Stopper has two intensity levels - a normal one (that works for most people), and a more powerful level for those who need a little extra nudge!

I'm not sure this will be a good present for your wife or girl friend, (I know my girl friend would be quite offended if I gave her this).