Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gadget Electric Lock Picking Device

Electric Lock picking device

Wow this is just so cool, never pay some locksmith a half of a month salary to get your door open without breaking it in.
Open a lock yourself?, I'm not sure how hard it is, but with this little electrical tool it looks quite easy even though they say Electric picks require some skill to use.

The E100C, three volt electric pick, and E100HO, four and one-half volt electric pick, feature aircraft aluminum and hard steel construction. Gun rakes open pin and disc tumbler cylinders using a rapid up and down striking movement, which causes the top and bottom pins to separate, meeting the shearline.


Friday, June 29, 2007

Cuddly Teddy Bear with Spy Cam

This looks like a sweet innocent child teddy bear, but infact this is a cool spy cam hidden inside a teddy bear, how cool is that.
This is really cute, now you don't have to have a baby room filled with electronics the electronics are build into the toys.
With a camera built into his nose, the TeddyCam blends perfectly in the environment of a baby's room.

The TeddyCam incorporates a mini video camera in it’s nose which transmits video footage wirelessly to another room. So you can monitor your children while you while you are watching tv, or doing something else in another room.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hilarious Automatic Beer Pouring Robot

The funniest gadget ever, an intelligent robot making life a lot easier for the lazy beer drinking people.
Watch the video and you will see this robot grab a beer from its own refrigerator (that can contain up to 6 cans), open it and pour it up in a glass for you, pretty funny, useful? no, but I am sure if you have one of these it will the the main attraction at any party.

• Stores and refrigerates 6 cans
• Programmable voice (male, female, or custom)
• Cleaning mode
• Child lock

Included in Delivery:
• 2 custom glass mugs
• 6 Foam cup bases
• Plastic floor protector
• Instructions in Japanese and English


Gadget Serve your drinks with style

Gas Pump Drink Dispenser, this is a cool gadget, a new addition to your home bar.

I have seen a lot of drink pump dispensers, but usually they are quite expensive, but this one is actually pretty great, at a very low and affordable price, of $39.99.
This Gas pump drink dispenser also have a great retro looking design, which makes it look good among other bar equipments.

I would have to say, that I have not myself tried this device yet, but it is definitely on my list of things to do.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wooden USB memory stick

Okay there is not much new on the technology side with this thing, but a very cool and creative design.

An USB memory stick looking like a wooden stick. Plug it to your computer USB port and it will look like a wooden stick grow from your USB port.

Not to mention their individual and unique design, because they are handmade, so not two will look the same.

Very funny indeed.
Its available as 256 mb, 512 mb, 1GB and 2GB storage.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Fun Clock Projector Keyring

This is a fun little cheap gadget, this is quite fun, I have seen them as clocks standing on a desk projecting the time on the wall, now you can have it as an projector in a key ring.

All you need to do is to point it at a wall and press, then it will light up and area projecting the time or date. It even has a second counter.

And it is also quite cheap. $12.95


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Be a mobile bartender

First of, I know this is a quite expencive equipment, but you will get quality for the price of $720.

First of a professional briefcase of aluminum. First of in the briefcase a compartment for files , business cards, pens, cellphone and other stuff. Next, we have places for strainer, ice tongs, cocktail spoon, jigger, 3 piece shaker, additional shaker with mixing glass, bottle opener, corkscrew, 2 liquid pourers, bottle cap, knife, cutting board and pestle.

All items are made of 18/10 satin stainless steel.

I like this very much, although it is too expensive for me to buy, but next Christmas I may hope my wife will give me one of these.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Your favorite junkfood as USB Memory Stick

Now you can get your favorite junkfood as an USB memory stick.

These small USB devices acturlly looks quite appetizing, I get kind of hungry just by looking at them.
We have seen alot of different looking usb memory stick lately. I have also blogged about another memory stick design for some time ago, called the wooden memory stick.
It has become a new trend to have a unique and funny USB stick, the specs are not that interesting anymore, its the looks of it, and this one does live up to the standart of a unique cool usb design.

Its avaliable in 256mb, 512mb, 1GB, 2GB


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tripod mp3 speaker Great design

This is a really cool tech gadget, A small mp3 speakers device.

You can fold it together so its not larger then a pen, and fold it out putting it on the table where ever you are and share your mp3 music with friends through these great design speakers.
With just two AAA batteries this tripod mp3 speaker will provider up to 10 hours of music.

This is an ideal product for a vacation where you want to share your music in a car, on the beach, or where ever you may think.

Acturlly one of the best things about it I think is the briliant design.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Useful Hightech Turbo drink cooler gadget

This will just be the greatest thing this summer, on a hot summer day you are all drained out, run to the refrigerator, WHAT? nothing cool to drink...
This may just do the trick, it can cool down a bottle of liquid within 4 minutes, and a bear in 90 seconds.

So if you get one of these this summer you don't have to urge to desperate measures and kill your neighbor to get a cool drink.
To add a little subjective opinion, its got a pretty fin slim design, looks something like a ghetto blaster.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cool gadget Futuristic Dice LED Watch

Cool gadget Futuristic Dice LED Watch

This is a very nice, trendy and cool wrist watch i stumbled across today, it looks really awesome, and futuristic.

The watch can be found in 3 different colors (Black, Silver and Gold), with 3 different led display colors (Green, Red and Yellow) as shown in the image above, giving you the time and date in digital numbers like dices.
Although it quite expensive its a really cool gadget.

Get the watch here

Monday, June 18, 2007

New iPhone specifics revealed

We have heard a lot of stuff about the new iPhone from apple, every little detail has been kept secret as long as possible, and we only get a few specs information at a time.

Now today Apple released some new cool specs about the iPhone.

  • It will deviler up to 8 hours of talk time.
  • 6 hours of internet use time
  • 7 hours of video playback
  • 24 hours of audio playback
  • And last but not least 250 hours standby time (about 10 days)

Also another great news was that the iPhone has upgraded their plastic front surface with an optical-quality glass to achieve better resistance against scratches.

Fun USB gadget mouse in wheel

This is just to cute to miss out on.
Make computer typing more fun with this mouse in a wheel usb device.

Just plug it in, install the software, and use your computer as you are use to, and when you type the mouse will run in the wheel, and even with a different speed, the faster you type the faster the mouse will run.

This could be a great laugh at the office, or even at home for a while. Useful? no, fun? very.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Intelligent funny little creature

Now I know what I want for Christmas this year, to bad it has just been my birthday.

This Roboquad just looks so cool, an intelligent robotic animal, I have heard that more then $1 million dollars has been spent in developing the technology.
unique movements and an advanced sensor array. Change his Awareness,
Activity or Aggression levels to completely alter his personality and
Control him with the full function remote and watch him react to light.
Roboquad has an extended battery life for prolonged missions.

I could be fun having such a robot running around on the flow, figuring out its environments then walk and react with those settings.

The price is even affordable at $151.64

Actually its not in stores yet, first in a couple of days. (19 June.)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sony Ericsson K850i specifics review

One of the biggest news at the last Sony Ericssons press conference in Berlin was the showoff of their Sofia or K850i as it will be sold as on the market.

K850i is a cyber-shot mobile phone, which means that it will have a lot of weight on the digital camera part. And from the spec I must sya it will kick some ass.

With a 5 mega pixel and Xenon blitz it will give high quality images, making other mobile phones jealous, this big step in cell phone photo performance will mean we are going to see some changes very soon.

Among other new stuff in Sony K850i will be the high speed data connection called HSDPA (turbo-3G) that will give some extra speed in the data transferring.

Sony Ericsson K850i specifics:
2,2 inch screen, QVGA 262.000 colors TFT
5 mega pixel camera with Xenon lens
FM radio
Wap 2.0 Xhtml
Weight 188 Gram

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Most Awesome USB Missile Launcher

This is just the most fun office device ever (be careful not to shoot at your boss at work), also a great fun toy at home when you have the time to spare.

Plug it to your computer and use the software to control the missile launcher aim at the target and shoot some missiles off.

This small guy can shoot up to 20 feed spin around when aiming and then shoot of 3 missiles.
A fun to to waste some time at work or at home.

Get it here.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

New chair seat ass cooler

We see more and more new cool gadgets every day, and it think to my self once in a while, can things get anymore weirder?

Yes things can, look at this new gadget from, it’s a chair seat ass cooler.
We all have the problem, sitting hours after hours infront of the computer, swetting our ass, now we can use the computer without suffuring from ass sweating.
It sucks cold air from under the chair and blow it on to your ass.

To make this even more gadget alike, it’s connected through your computer usb port.

Actually I like the idea, especially now when its quite hot to sit at work all day in front of my computer, maybe I should talk to my boss about getting one.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Get computer keyboard keys as rings on your finger

This is just one of the coolest and funny things I have been seeing for a while now. Have your favorite keys as rings on your finger.

You can order which keys you want between “control” “Alternate” “Delete” and “Escape” this is deffenently something I would buy.
I really like this funny comment from their site:
Operation system independent and instantly installed, they connect the world's greatest tool and the the most sophisticated processor ever known: the human finger and the human brain. Now that's power.

The only negative thing about them is acturlly, they are quite expencive.
But cool so if you are a real geak and proud of it, then you may affort it.

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