Saturday, July 7, 2007

Cool Gadget Hipper 100 speaker

Fun little gadget device for your mp3 player or flash drive, just plug it into the Hipper 100, and watch as it lights up and changes colour to the beats of your favourite music.

MP3 Speakers have never been so exciting! The Hipper MP3 Mood Light looks like a big egg, but is actually an awesome combination of an MP3 Player Speaker and an LED colour changing light.

Looks like a fun little gadget to plug to your computer or other music device and make it light up the room in rethums at a party.

MP3 Player with LED lights and speaker via USB interface
The LED lights change to 10 different colours to the beat of your music
No software required! Designed with advanced OTG (on the go) technology, you simply plug and play
Easy to connect with MP3 Players via line-in or USB
The Hipper Mood Lamp doesn't run off batteries, but can be used in different countries using a power adapter
Easy to connect to external speaker sets to amplify your music via line-out