Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Ultimate Lazy Ass Gadget Chair

Ultimate Lazy Ass Gadget Chair.
This chair is not just a chair, its a robot, with its voice activation system, programmed to do what ever you command, like adjusting angle, active massage programs positions the 3D roller mechanism and regulates intensity, all at the sound of your voice.

Choose from 3 pre-programmed massage sessions for full body relief, stiff shoulders, lower back tension, and morning or nighttime massage, then let ROBO Chair’s optical sensors measure your back for a customized massage.

Now you got one more excuse not to get exorcise, and instead just sit in your chair and enjoy being a lazy gadget maniac.
Okay maybe this sound like a must have gadget, and if you have the cash to spend it would be, because you can get for the small amount of $5999.