Thursday, July 26, 2007

Logitech with new ergonomic wave design keyboard

Logitech announces a new ergonomic keyboard that will be in store this August for only $89, pretty cheap, and now we ask what does it do?

Not much new fancy stuff, but instead a cool design focused on some ergonomic technology. The Logitech keyboard is shaped like waves, so the keys are arranged along a wave-like pattern that ripples across the keyboard. This design is supposed to account for the fact that your fingers are not all the same length, thus the keys the keys near your little fingers and your thumbs rise up to meet your shorter digits. The other feature is the gradual arc of the key tray.

If I must say so, I really like the design, kind of futuristic and also much like a classic keyboard, so I would buy it if my other keyboard would ever break down.